It all started with a dream... 

The open lot across the street from the church was once an eyesore to the community.  It was littered with trash and unwanted furniture, broken bottles and drug paraphernalia.

First Presbyterian Church Night watchman and resident, Drew Rushlow, along with help from others in the community contacted the City of Pomona and through hard work and dedication created the Center Street Community Garden.

With the help of church youth and community members, Drew turned the empty lot into a beautiful flourishing garden.  The corner at Center Street is now a place where many passersby love to stop and admire (and even pick a flower through the fence!).  

Whether you’re a pot holder or not, please join us during our work days and take part in our beautiful garden.

Pomona Hope, After School Program assist in teaching the children of the community about growing vegetables, herbs, how they can make a difference in the community, and from where their food comes.

We are open to internships, college students, community service workers, etc.. to work in the garden.  

4 X 16 feet plots are available for rent to members of the community for $15 per quarter. ($5 per month) 

Upcoming work days are:

July    7               9:00 am  to    11:00 am 

July    21             9:00 am  to    11:00 am

August  4           9:00 am  to     11:00 am

August  18         9:00 am  to     11:00 am

Sept.  8              9:00 am  to     11:00 am

Sept.  22            9:00 am  to     11:00 am

October  6        10:00 am  to    12 noon 

October  20     10:00 am  to   12 noon

Nov.  3             10:00 am  to     12 noon

Nov.  17           10:00 am  to     12:00 noon

Dec.  1             10:00 am  to     12 noon

 Dec.  15           10:00 am  to   12 noon

If you have any questions, please email