Pomona Hope is a non-profit, faith-based, community organization dedicated to working in partnership with people of all backgrounds to strengthen Pomona’s children, families, and neighborhoods.

Pomona Hope provides many wonderful programs. One of them is an after-school program, an environment for kids in first through twelfth grade.

They offer daily homework assistance, arts, technology education, physical activity, community garden workshops, and attention to spiritual development, college success and leadership development programming.

Together with constituency, Pomona Hope works diligently for each child to unlock their own unique potential growth through affordable resources no matter what their struggles are.

After School with Pomona Hope (ASPH) is open the following days and times*:

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

·        2:45-5:30

·        5:30-6:30 K-8 Optional Homework Hour; High School Mandatory Homework Hour


·        1:45-5:30

To review the list of program they provide, please click http://www.pomonahope.org/what-we-do/current-programs/


There are many ways to get involved; contact Pomona Hope to find out how.

For more details about the programs Pomona Hope offers, please email info@pomonahope.org or call (909) 921-3618